Drivers License

1. Driver’s License Renewal
2. Duplicate Driver’s License
3. Change of Address
4. First Time Driver’s License (upgrades only – see below)
5. Wildlife and Fisheries Endorsement
6. Driver’s License Emergency Contact
7. Blood Type Indicator


Driver’s Licenses can now be issued Monday through Monday! We are contracted with, and authorized by, the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles to issue Official Louisiana Driver’s Licenses. We interface with the State and use the same camera system, so we can renew your Driver’s License, issue a duplicate Drivers License, or change the address on your current Driver’s License. You are out in minutes instead of hours!


1) Driver’s License Renewal or Duplicate

To renew your Drivers License, we can have you in and out in minutes. All you need is your proof of insurance. Lost your license and don’t know your license number. No problem we will find you and have you on your way in minutes.

2)  Identification Card Renew or Duplicate

Renew or Lost ID card can be processed quick and easy.

3)  Handicap Hang Tags

We provide handicap hangtag, new or renewal. For New Handicap Hang Tag all we need is a medical certificate from your doctor. We’ll have you in and out in minutes. Handicap accessibility is available.

4) First Time Driver’s License

Get Leveled-Up! We can issue a first time Driver’s License if you already have a Driver’s Permit or Intermediate Driver’s License. The Process is simple! Bring your current Driver’s Permit or Intermediate License; your “sealed” road skills test results, and if you are under 18 years of age, bring your Certificate of Enrollment from school, birth certificate and your parent or legal guardian with their ID.

5) Wildlife and Fisheries Endorsement

If you have a lifetime hunting license, lifetime fishing license, Firearm and Hunter’s Education certificate of completion or Boating Safety Education certificate of competition, We can add the appropriate endorsement to your driver’s license, including our military veterans.  Simply bring us your license and/or certificates. Regular driver’s license fees apply.

6) Driver’s License Emergency Contact

Did you know that if you ask, you can have an emergency contact added to your Driver’s License record? In the event of an accident, a police officer can access emergency contact information using the Driver’s License number if you are unable to communicate. In a separate transaction, a contact name, address, relationship and multiple contact numbers can be added. Add a loved one’s contact information to your Driver’s License or add your contact information to your minor child’s Driver’s License. It is a fast and easy transaction that can be completed along with a duplicate, renewal, or change of address. This can also be a stand-alone transaction. Let us provide you with this additional level of security and peace of mind.

6) Changes of Address

Did you recently move? Did you know that you can be cited by a police officer for an incorrect address on your Driver’s License? We can update the address on your Driver’s License in just a few minutes. Bring your proof of insurance if you own a vehicle and get ready to smile for your new picture. *EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 16th ALL CHANGES OF ADDRESS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY ONE PROOF OF RESIDENCY.

7) We Can Add Emergency Contact & Blood Type To Your License or ID

Adding an emergency contact and /or your blood type can be helpful in emergency situations. This can help police and/or emergency personnel get you the proper help in situations where you are unable to communicate. A loved one can be contacted for you in medical emergencies and with your blood type, you already indicated on your license this information might save your life. By adding these simple things to your or your minor child’s license you will have peace of mind in the event of any emergency.