Title Service

1. Vehicle Sales
2. Vehicle Donations
3. State-to-State Transfers (People moving from another state to Louisiana)
4. Heirship (Transfers involving deceased owners)
5. Next Day Titles
6. No Insurance Flag Clearence

Auto Title Services (including License Plates on the spot during regular business hours).

1) Vehicle Sale (Our service will protect both buyer and seller.)

Are you buying or selling a vehicle? Let us walk you through the ABC’s of transferring a vehicle. Our package protects both buyer and seller. We prepare and notarize all required documents, instantly issue a new license plate to the new owner, and handle everything in between.
For the simplest of transactions, we need the buyer(s), the seller(s), title, buyer’s proof of insurance and Valid State Issued (one of the 50 U.S. States) Identification for both parties. Please call or visit our office to inquire about unusual circumstances or absent sellers.

2) Vehicle Donation

We can assist you with gifting (donating) a vehicle to a friend or family member (Donee). A donation is an Authentic Act executed before a Notary in the presence of two witnesses transferring the ownership of a vehicle with no monetary exchange. Additionally, in most cases, a vehicle donation is a tax free transaction subject only to Title, Registration, and Plate fees.
You provide the donor, donee, title, donee’s proof of insurance, and valid identification, and we will do the rest! This includes instantly issuing a license plate to the new owner.

3) State to State Transfers

Are you new to Louisiana? Need to register your vehicle here? We can facilitate this process from obtaining the required documents from your Lender or Lessor to properly calculating your use tax and out-of-state credit. If your car is already paid for, simply bring us the Title, Valid photo I.D., your proof of insurance, and your License Plate and Registration will be issued instantly.
If you are leasing or still paying notes, we will work with you and your Lender or Lessor to acquire the necessary documents and minimizing delays and “Red Tape”. Simply call our office or click here and follow the on-screen instructions on our self-help page.

4) Heirship (Transactions involving Deceased Owners)

Have you inherited a vehicle by virtue of a “Last Will and Testament”? Has a family member passed away without leaving a “Last Will and Testament”? We can assist you in this most difficult time by transferring ownership of a vehicle within a “Succession”, or outside of a “Succession”. These scenarios range from simple to some of the most complex vehicle transfers. Call one of our friendly Tag Agents for a short questions and answer session and find out if we can help you.

5) Next Day Title

We have the ability to expedite Louisiana Titles, (1st time or a duplicate). Apply for it one day and receive it the next day, its that simple.

6) No Insurance Flag

A no insurance flag on your auto and or drivers license can be cleared here at our office, no waiting in line.